Plunge Router Deepness Change Method

A plunge router is a versatile device, but setting a specific depth could be puzzling. There are a bunch of knobs as well as levers that control how far down the bit will certainly go, but if you're attempting to make an exact modification you quickly run out of hands and also persistence as you battle, Build Small Bookshelf With the Free Wood Working Plan in 2018 the springs and also align a ruler.

There is a very easy method to do it; here is how I established the deepness for the mother-of-pearl inlay on the face of the Voysey mantel clock I produced the August 2013 problem of Popular Woodworking Publication. A larger version will certainly show up that will provide you a better look at exactly what I'm doing if you click on the photo.

I placed the layout (a plywood circle) in position on the face. There wasn't any area for clamps since the template is so tiny. I placed some double-sided tape on the bottom of the design template, as well as drove a screw via the design template and walnut face and also right into my bench.


With whatever safe and secure, I established the router on the template as well as reduced the bit till it bottomed out on the face and also locked the depth-control lever. I flipped the router upside down. I released the depth-stop rod, stuck an item of the inlay in between the pole as well as the stop on the router base, pushed the rod up and also tightened it.

That altered my setting where it was (the surface of the face) to where I wanted it-- listed below the face by the density of the inlay. When I mosted likely to make the cut, all I had to do was launch the bar so the router was over the work, turn it on and drop it to the position of the stop and lock the bar again. No measurements, no numbers as well as exactly on the money.I'm believing you might additionally utilize scale blocks, and even a taper scale to set the deepness for fixed increments. Beats using the gauge on the router!

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It's the fastest and most exact means to establish the deepness on a plunger. Neglect all the scales and dials that the manufacture supplies. All you require is the quit pole. Along with assess blocks you can make use of transfer strikes or pierce bit shanks as gauges. Also feeler gauges. Bob's method of utilizing the material concerned may be the most effective.
I sometimes offer router seminars along with a regional tool vendor. As a presentation of how precise this method is, I demonstrate directing with a piece of plywood but leave the concealing tape on the back of the plywood untouched. A bit theatrical perhaps, yet it gets the point across.